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Successful second trials of WellCo app

Successful second trials of WellCo app

Second trials of WellCo app have finalized, the tests have been carried in Trento (Italy), in Las Navas del Marqués (Spain) and in Denmark. Watch the video to see the results and follow us!

Prototype 2 is on its way

With a successful MTR behind us in the summer of 2019, the WellCo project consortium is now focusing on the second trial and thus the second prototype. In this new iteration of the WellCo...

GSS in the congress against unwanted loneliness in Spain

In the framework of the Course “The fight against unwanted loneliness of the elderly in Spain”, organized by the Menéndez Pelayo International University, which is being held in Santander (Spain) from 2nd to 6th...

WellCo at the Danish Folk Meeting Democratic Festival

WellCO partner @Monsenso discussing the potential and importance of health data and patient reported outcomes in relation to WellCO, other research projects and clinical implementations at the Danish @Folkemødet Democratic Festival.#FM19 #PROM #healthdata #virtualcoach

Digital Strategy in Denmark

Digital Strategy in Denmark –– poses especial emphasis in digital tools for disease prevention. Good opportunity for WellCo and the approach for change of behaviour in daily life activities affecting users’ health and...