Public Deliverables

WP2 WellCo Co-design

    • D2.1 Engagement Plan and Risk Mitigation Protocol

      The objective of this deliverable is to define the protocol for the involvement of end users in all phases of the WellCo project, from its design to validation, up to the end of the project, by the end of November 2020.
      For this purpose, the different phases in which their participation is foreseen and how they will be involved in these phases as well as the corresponding activities are described in this deliverable.


    • D2.2 Ethics/gender and data protection compliance protocol

      This document presents an overview of three essential dimensions to be taken into account when implementing the project activities: ethics, gender and data protection. Section I describes ethics considerations. Section II presents key elements to address gender issues in the project. Section III analyses the regulatory basis for data protection, providing specific guidelines to accomplish with. In particular, the Data Protection Compliance protocol covers the different countries involved in the trials (Spain, Italy, Denmark).


    • D2.3 End Users’ requirements report

      The objective of this deliverable is to describe the methodology used for gathering end-users’ requirements and it presents the list of said requirements. It builds on D2.1 (Users involvement plan) and it details how end-users have actively participated to the data-gathering process. In summary, the deliverable provides a description of all the research actions that have been performed with end-users in WellCo (task 2.2) as far as requirement gathering is concerned and the outcome of the process in the form of a list of requirements

    • WellCO_D2-3_EndUsersRequirementsReport_PU

    • D2.5 Pilots Validation Report

      The objective of this deliverable is to report the evaluation of the WellCo mock-up, together with the functionalities and concepts around WellCo in order to co-design the platform together with the users. Moreover initial evaluation protocols and methodologies for the incremental prototypes will be discussed.



WP3 WellCo Prototyping and architecture

    • D3.2 WellCo Interfaces and User Manual

      This deliverable describes the user interface design and the frontend development processes of the various WellCo applications. In this version of this deliverable, the focus is on how the user interface designs for the senior app are created, mainly based on the results of previous design processes as described in D2.4 and D2.5


WP4 Physical, cognitive and mental WellCo User assessment

    • D4.1 User State Assessment Model

      The aim of this report is to describe and motivate an evidence-based, holistic user state model based on health as the ability to adapt and self-manage, as adopted in the WellCo project. The user state assessment model is developed as part of WP4 that aim to develop personalised services for physical, cognitive and mental user assessment that can acquire data on individual’s lifestyle, behaviour and surrounding environment based on advanced sensors.


WP6 Dissemination and exploitation

    • D6.1 WellCo Webpage

      The WellCo Website aims to serve as key point to inform about results and maximize the impact of the project among the general public. The focus of this document is to provide a short written description of the webpage to support the web that is available at:



    • D6.2 Plan for Exploitation and Dissemination of Result

      The Plan for Exploitation and Dissemination of Results summarises the consortium’s strategy and concrete actions performed so far in order to disseminate, exploit and protect the foreground generated by the project as well as to serve as guideline to the Consortium for the Dissemination and Exploitation activities to be carried out in the coming months of the project.

WellCO-D6 2-PlanExploitation&Dissemination_PU


    • D6.6 Open Data Management Plan

      The Data Management Plan (DMP) describes the types of data that will be produced, collected and/or processed within the project and how this data will be handled during and after the project, i.e. the standards that will be used, the ways in which data will be exploited and shared (for verification or reuse), and in which way data will be preserved. This DMP has been prepared by taking into account the template of the “Guidelines on Data Management in Horizon 2020” [Version 3.0 of 26 July 2016]. The elaboration of the DMP will allow WellCo partners to address all issues related with data protection, including ethical concerns and security protection strategy. WellCo will take part in the Open Research Data Pilot (ORD pilot); this pilot aims to improve and maximise access to and re-use of research data generated by Horizon 2020 projects, such as the data generated by the WellCo platform during its deployment and validation.